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February 18, 2013

Feb 18 2013

Was it this cold when I was a kid?  Must be global warming (hehe) or maybe its just that I haven't felt an American winter in a while.  We are sure missing the tropics.  Aside from the aquistion of a few new sweaters we are really excited about acquiring a new team member, Rebecca Linsenbigler.  For years now we have been recieving emails saying, "Do you guys ever sleep?"  And they were right, we don't get enough sleep and it always seemed like an ER at our house we were in …

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March 1, 2012 Prayer Meeting in PNG

Mar 01 2012

Scholarship Recipients for 2012 School Year

Returning Students

  • Jeff Norman, Latan Village, starting second year of CHW (Community Health Worker) training at St. Gerard’s Nursing School, Port Moresby.  K900 – $450 Plus $600 for transport to and from school
  • John Kanja, Samban Village, starting last year of Pastoral training, Gandep Bible School.  K300- $150


New Students for 2012

  • Melodi Jugan, Samban Village, starting Grade ten, Angoram High School.  Emphasis on Language Arts, hopes to pursue journalism, writing, or teaching.  K975- $487
  • Amina Maso, Painiten Village, starting first …

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October 2011 Newsletter

Nov 20 2011

Samban Clinic

The ways we are involved in ministry to the Ap Ma people are varied.  One particular way has been through medical ministry.  In November 2007, we re-established health care in Samban after a 15-year closure of the originally government-manned Aid Post.  Under the care of our Community Health Worker, Mariana Posatia, thousands have visited this remote clinic to receive care or treatment.  Currently our doors are open from 9-3 M-F and 8-10 on Saturday.  All after-hour emergencies are brought to our house as the nurse lives 2 miles away.  …

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November - December 2011 Newsletter

Nov 20 2011

November 8, 2011

Construction Quarter

After two months of felling trees, milling timber, and construction, the new elementary classrooms are finally under roof.  There is still a lot to be done; plank-siding and hardwood floors, new desks, and shelves must me made and installed.  Weather has been a problem, but there finally came some days without rain, which permitted the select harvesting of 12 ironwood and 2 garamut hardwood trees.  Hopefully, these 14 trees will provide enough timber to complete the classroom, (as seen on the right). The remaining timber needed …

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2011 Annual Report

Nov 20 2011


2011 Annual Report

January- Beginnings are sometimes scary and difficult, but this year’s beginning was a little less so for us.  Since we are on the tail ending of the cholera epidemic, it seemed like the worst was behind us.  Unfortunately, I suffered from a bout with cholera myself [Jesse].  However, thanks to antibiotics and a couple of weeks in town, I was up and around shortly thereafter.  Another blessing was that since Karie had a scheduled teacher training course, I didn’t have to work as much outside.  I …

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Ap Ma Schools July 2011

Jul 16 2011

Ap Ma Schools


As more and more teachers from different villages come to receive training and materials in the courses we offer our mid term field day (Kite Day) has grown to include all Ap Ma elementary schools.  This year we were pleased to host Kambuku Elementary, Simbri, Elementary, Yamen Elementary as well as our own Samban Central Elementary Schools.  The mid year event included a display of traditional Sing sings (dances), carnival games and prizes a kite flying contest and village market fundraising for the schools.  Though rain fell …

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You Didn’t Have the Opportunity

Mar 16 2010

March-2010  For those of you new to our website.  This is Karie, and we (Jesse and the three kids) usually live in the village of Samban in the East Sepik Province of Papua New Guinea.  Samban is a remote village with no power or phone service and only an airstrip and a little creek for our roads.  I like the freedom and safety of the village even though the inconviences are a bother.  Every 3 months or so we head into town, Madang, via small plane (Cesna 206) and stock up on …

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Jesse’s pre Christmas thoughts 2009

Jan 02 2010

December 7, 2009 


Written by Jesse Pryor, Missionary in Papua New Guinea 


     It has been an exhausting week.  Dealing with the logistics and technical aspects of the Optometrist 

Surgeon’s visit has been a borderline nightmare.  …

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Soccer Tournament Coming Up

Sep 03 2009

Hello all, 

Well there is never a dull moment here. 

The recent buzz of excitement over the coming tournament has everyone working in overdrive. 
(Side note:  The soccer tournament Jesse & Karie planned for area villages, is a fund-raiser for the medical clinic in Samban - the first annual Samban Clinic Benefit Soccer Tournament.  They will host up to 40 teams from the Ap Ma area.)

I tried to hit the drums to signal the women for our weekly Bible study time on Wednesday, but no one …

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Update on Karie and other News

Aug 15 2009

Hello all,  Good news from the Dr. today.  My liver function tests came back better - most levels are normal.  Some are as much as double normal, but all are much improved and Dr. has given the green light to go back to the bush provided I continue to eat right and rest for the next week while we are waiting for the plane, which shouldn’t be too difficult.  So praise God that he has enabled my body to heal so quickly.

On a different note, Jesse has …

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Pray for Ap Ma People

Jun 25 2009

Dear friends,
Due to an unfortunate death of a Biwat police man who died (after drinking to excess with a Laten community member) the Biwat people are seeking revenge.  There have been a lot of reports that they are coming our way to burn houses, etc.  Our people are on high alert; in fact, some are bringing possessions into our house in hopes that they will be safer here.  Jesse is still out in Yar.  Just for the record, even though people here are really getting excited, I am …

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The New Canoe & Other News

May 20 2009

Hello all,  Well I am sure it really hasn’t been that long since we wrote, but it feels like a long time.  So much has been happening.

The New Canoe-  Well Jesse has finally gotten his wish and we now have a new canoe, made especially for the work we have to do.  The good people of Tamo gave us the tree for the canoe in exchange for help from our chainsaws to work on a canoe of theirs.  And for the price of a piglet we were able to …

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ApMa Outreach Supporters

Apr 07 2009

Dear Friends,
We are in town again (Madang, PNG) but ready to head back home tomorrow so I thought I would take the time to share a couple of thoughts and pictures while we have the good internet connection.  Below is a picture taken in the Highlands looking over the Ramu valley and yes those are poinsettas on the side of the road.

Highlands overlook

First, thank you so much for the overwhelming response to our last newsletter your notes …

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Have You Thought About Missions

Mar 19 2009

Have you ever thought about doing mission work?  Maybe you have worried that your skills are lacking or that you don’t have the proper training.  Many of you know we have recently been working to support a preschool grade one and grade two in the village.  What we havn’t told anyone before is that there are a lot of complaints.  There are people who are not happy with one of our teachers.  Her name is Kerol.  She is 18.  She has had 8 years of schooling.  She can speak enough english …

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Scholarship is A Go!

Feb 02 2009

We are happy to bring you all some great news.

For a year now we have put out the word that OIPNG (Outreach International Papua New Guinea) would be happy to provide a school scholarship to successful applicants who wish to pursue the ministry, medical work, or teaching. Our one request is that the applicant agree to work for OIPNG when finished for the same number of years they received support. 

We have had our first successful applicant be accepted into Kaindi teachers college.  She will attend the college for …

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Medical Christmas and a Hazardous New Year

Jan 02 2009

Well our Holidays were not what you would call typical, peaceful or pleasant, but they were a reminder of God’s constant care and provision.  I (Karie) awoke early Christmas morning to the sounds of kids trying their best to whisper and failing miserably. Of course, they were trying to find a way to sneak a peek at their presents.  Due to some unforeseen plane issues, they each had just one package, but that didn’t stifle their enthusiasm.  It was 6:00am and I gave the go ahead for the paper ripping to …

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Christmas Letter 2008

Dec 17 2008

Merry Christmas, 

Well I must confess that I don’t feel too Christmasy as I sit here in a pool of sweat.  It is a mild 94 today and the clouds look to be heavy with rain, not the snow many of you are expecting this year.  But even as I write this my kids are glued to White Christmas on the old computer.  Children are so good to bring you back into the spirit; there are pictures of Mary and Joseph and a starry Bethlehem night stuck on all the …

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September Updates

Sep 15 2008

Dear family and friends, We are just finishing packing up the last of our stuff here in Madang to send to Samban. It seems so long since we have been at home, in one place for more than 6 weeks. It has really only been 6 months but that is long enough.

Getting back into the groove of things here didn’t take too long but as is the case in this deteriorating world we live in there have been a few things that have broken down in our absence and even …

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The Traveling Circus

Jun 25 2008

Well three months in to our furlough you will find us in North Carolina.  We have made it through 8 states and 15 churches.  We have visited with family and friends and gotten to meet a whole lot of new friends through our times in VBS with 3 congregations.  We have survived the floods in Indiana and the tornados in Oklahoma. 

The kids have been to zoo’s, and Dollywood and Sixflags, and fireworks and museums.  ARE WE THERE YET????  Well almost.  We leave the US on Aug 25th to head …

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Merry Christmas from the Pryors

Jan 13 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

Another year has almost slipped away. Time really flies these days.  I had to struggle to think where we were at Christmas last year but, we were here in Samban.  And here we are again.  It just doesn’t seem like Christmas without all the seasonal reminders on every house.  I always thought that decorating for Christmas was a little overrated but here where there are no decorations, no carols, no Santa at the mall you find it hard to believe it is indeed the Christmas season.  I …

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Joshua Apa

Sep 20 2007

Just thought I’d update everybody on Joshua Apa.  We went to his appointment at the Dr.‘s this morning.  He has gained 5.5 kilograms in this last week.  PTL The Dr. made the comment that the antibiotics must have worked because there is no way that he could have gained that much and be sick.  So that was exciting.  He did give him another week of the medication,  but said that should be all he needs.  I booked their passage on a ship from Madang to Wewak, and just dropped Joshua and …

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The Tractor Saga

Sep 09 2006

The dust is settling back here once again in Samban.  Although we won’t be officially wrapped up with the tractor until tommorrow with the ceremonial “bung kai” (community potluck dinner), but as far as the difficult part of the journey is concerned it is complete.  It started last week on Thursday when I (Jesse) flew from Madang to Wewak where the tractor was due to arrive.  It had been going through custums and immigration processes for the last month and a half.  Karie and the kids remained in Madang until they …

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Not Feeling too Hot

Jul 09 2006

Sickness has hit us again. Jesse and I have malaria and Judah woke up this morning with pick eye. So I have to walk down to the medicine meri and get the meds since I don’t have that kind right now (for pink eye). He is acting fine and happy; he rubbed it a bit when he woke up. So I will get that taken care of before school. I guess I was late catching my sick. I was upset at my stomach yesterday afternoon but at least afterward I felt …

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Jul 08 2006

Well Saturday is underway and Jesse is off playing soccer. I have gotten the office and our bedroom swept and the baby down for nap. I need to get to the kids room and the bathroom as well. I want to go ahead and get dishes done too- so much to get caught up on before our house guest. For those of you who didn’t know we are getting a PBT (Pioneer Bible Translators) intern for a week starting next Thurs. I spoke with her on the radio this morning - …

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First Day of School

Jul 05 2006

Tomorrow will be the first Friday school in the big classroom with all the village kids. As long as we are able to get done with Naleh’s school in 4 days we will review with all the kids on Friday in the big classroom. Should be a fun time. I have made up a color song and days of the week song and all kids know their numbers and there is the ABC song etc. We do the hokey pokey for left and right so with that and reading some books …

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What’s Cooking?

May 31 2006

A big thank you to Cookeville Christian Church in Cookeville, TN. Dinner is now done in record time. The new stove has really made my life easier. I love the convenience and appreciate not having to brave the mosquitos just to bake bread.