Have You Thought About Missions

Mar 19 2009
Have you ever thought about doing mission work? Maybe you have worried that your skills are lacking or that you don't have the proper training. Many of you know we have recently been working to support a preschool grade one and grade two in the village. What we havn't told anyone before is that there are a lot of complaints. There are people who are not happy with one of our teachers. Her name is Kerol. She is 18. She has had 8 years of schooling. She can speak enough english to be heard and understood but her spelling and grammer leave a lot to be desired. She has had no training to be a teacher. Last year she assisted another man who has had a lot of training and then when he became burdened and overwhelmed she took over lessons faithfully and finished the year. This year she is the teacher for the preschool. The community has issued complaints about her lack of training and they have tried to persuade us to hire a more qualified young person. But we support Kerol. In her teaching she is a faithful teacher never missing a day. Her education level is higher than that of her students and more than all these she is an Christian witness. Have you thought about doing mission work? Do you wonder if you have the skills it takes? " My grace is sufficient for thee. In your weakness I am strong. Have I not called you. . . "The scripture is full of reassurances. Prayerfully consider full time mission work. If you are interested in joining our efforts with the Ap Ma people please contact us at malolomanki@hotmail.com Stop doubting and believe!

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