Working On It

Aug 29 2022

Yes we know our website is out of date.  We have been a bit busy, but also we just find computer work difficult and confusing.  But in this strange turn of events that has landed us in town (Wewak) for the foreseeable future we are finally getting around to all those tasks which are long overdue.  Including updating the information on the website.  We have already been uploading more recent pictures and are word crafting new paragraphs to give you all some idea of what we are doing now over here in PNG.  Computers are not what Jesse and I do all day. As a missionary team of just us two people, things like our website get dropped in favor of teaching at the schools we have started, helping organize medical evacuations, keeping the airstrip open for planes to use and family fed and cared for etc.  That being said if computers are your thing and you would like to shadow us for a while and get a feel for what we do so that you can help us keep our website more up to date, that would be a terrific act of service!  But until we have an amazing offer like that we will keep plugging away and working bit by bit to update the old information and get this website accurate.  

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