Christmas Letter 2008

Dec 17 2008
family_pic_2008.JPG Merry Christmas, Well I must confess that I don't feel too Christmasy as I sit here in a pool of sweat. It is a mild 94 today and the clouds look to be heavy with rain, not the snow many of you are expecting this year. But even as I write this my kids are glued to White Christmas on the old computer. Children are so good to bring you back into the spirit; there are pictures of Mary and Joseph and a starry Bethlehem night stuck on all the walls and Naleh keeps trying to teach her friends Jingle Bells. This Christmas will be a quiet one. We will be here in the village of Samban but many of our church members will be walking 6 hours to another village to celebrate in a special service with the people of Yamen village. We will stay here and have a quiet day with family and friends. After the church members return we hope to have our traditional Christmas races started by John and Bonita Pryor years ago. A day of fun and foot races for everyone from toddlers to adults. We supply prizes of rubber bands and candies and soap and batteries and this year a wide variety of used clothes. This Christmas instead of writing a letter summarizing past events I wanted to look forward to a new year of opportunities. As I think about all our plans for 2009 it makes me anxious. I go into plan mode where I start listing jobs and priorities and possible dates. And in light of the stress that comes with planing, I keep hearing the word of Proverbs over and over "Wisdom is supreme, therefore get wisdom. Though it cost you all you have get understanding" Prov 4:7. We have been studying the book of Proverbs in our women's group and I am convinced that at the root of much of our stress and anxiety is a lack of wisdom and understanding. For me the words of Solomon are a challenge to continue to seek God's perfect wisdom that in all we do we may honor Him with our words and deeds. Like the wisemen so many years ago - they sought to understand the star and found the maker of the heavens. So let us all seek to understand Him and His ways that we might find peace in Him this year. We miss you all and look forward to the time we will be with you all again. Love, Jesse, Karie, Naleh, Elijah and Judah Pryor

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