Looking Homeward

Sep 29 2019
 2019 Pryor Family Photo
2019 Pryor Family Photo
Someone told me recently that they went online to look at our website. So I went there too just to see what they were looking at. Yikes! I am really not a good journalist. Well a lot has happened since 2013! Catching everyone up on 6 years.
2013 We had the pleasure to serve alongside Rebecca Linsinbigler. She joined us for nine months to teach our kids in homeschool. She also helped to start a teacher training program which today is the Ap Ma FODE program that teaches grades 7-12. 2014 We registered the FODE program with the East Sepik Province and started weekly classes. 2015 We opened the new Samban Clinic building with our two national staff nurses. 2016 We registered the Ap Ma FODE Registered Study Centre with the National Department of Education. We also built a staff house for one of our elementary teachers, and added a new national nurse to our clinic. 2017 We gained a teammate with Isaac Aughenbaugh and we were able to run daily classes for FODE and construct a new staff house for our nurses. We also adopted Israel Levi Pryor our son! 2018 We stated construction on the new clinic expansion to house a labor and delivery room and men’s and women’s in-patient wards. Isaac completed his two year term with us and left left PNG in November for furlough. 2019 We have been traveling to each of our supporting churches and speaking and presenting our work. We went back to PNG in the spring for a few months to keep things going. In the summer we finished up our speaking schedule and enrolled Naleh in university. Currently Jesse, Elijah and Judah have returned to PNG but Israel and I are still here in the US until my travel visa is approved. Immigration and the Lord willing we will fly back October 8th.

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