Update on Karie and other News

Aug 15 2009
Hello all, Good news from the Dr. today. My liver function tests came back better - most levels are normal. Some are as much as double normal, but all are much improved and Dr. has given the green light to go back to the bush provided I continue to eat right and rest for the next week while we are waiting for the plane, which shouldn't be too difficult. So praise God that he has enabled my body to heal so quickly. On a different note, Jesse has been able to fix the transmission problems on our old beat up truck. We purchased it a year ago to send around to Wewak so that we can stop paying exorbitant PMV fares. So on Monday next week we will take the truck to the wharf to be shipped to Wewak. This will enable us to bring supplies over road to Angoram than via river to Samban. It should really cut back on costs and ensure a bit of safety, as many of the PMV (public motor vehicle) drivers are rather inebriated. Naleh celebrated her 9th birthday on Aug 10 with a few of her friends and a large cheesecake. Hard to believe she was only 3 1/2 when we first came here. Sept will bring Eli's 7th birthday. They are growing so fast. Things are shaping up fast for our construction team that is due to arrive the last week in Sept. Alus is bringing in the rest of the concrete as I write this as well as the tube steel for Jesse to make the soccer goals for the upcoming soccer tournament to benefit the clinic. So if we can make it back to Samban early next week we will have plenty to do. I will try to include here a few pictures of the recent dedication of the book of Acts. Thanks for all your prayers during my recent illness and so many notes of encouragement. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Karie, Jesse, Naleh, Eli, and Judah

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