Digicel Foundation helps Ap Ma FODE RSC

Oct 02 2019

Our Sincere Thanks Digicel Foundation

Thank you Digicel Foundation!

When the Ap Ma FODE school went paperless we didn’t know how much of a struggle charging the computers and tablets was going to be. Our school meets in a borrowed house and has no power. We tried charging them in my personal house but when 20-30 tablets and computers were charging all day our family noticed we didn’t have all the power we needed to run our home at night. We tried using the local clinic as a charge station and the same thing happened. We then tried using a generator for just 2-3 hours a day but our students found it hard to give up the day hours of studying to leave their computers to charge. Digicel Foundation heard about our struggles to keep up with the fast changing world of technology and education. They donated solar lights and chargers so that each student can charge his or her own tablet and study at a time and place that is convinient for them. This is so important to us because our rural students must compete for the very limited spaces in training schools and high schools with other students from town who have power, running water, permanent classrooms with science labs and many other advantages. They were so shocked to receive the chargers. Some asked, “Why are they giving these to us? We haven’t done anything to help the Digicel Foundation?” In a culture that is centered on reciprocity finding a way to give back to someone who has helped you is vital. So from all of us at Ap Ma FODE RSC to all of you at Digicel Foundation, please accept our thanks and most sincere invitation to come and visit anytime that we might shake hands and thank you in person.

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