FODE Students Visit Wewak

Sep 05 2022
Small Gloria

Living in Wewak as been a change.  Many times I have lamented not being present for my students to help them when they have questions. Last week 3 of my ICT student came into town to work on the “hand on” portion of their computer class.  This is my first time teaching ICT to grade 9 students and they have shown great interest in learning more on the computer.  Students practiced typing and creating various documents and spreadsheets and even powerpoint presentations.  It was a good week.  We also managed to find time to visit the beach and relax a bit.  This week two more ICT students have come to town to complete their work.  Once again my days are full and Israel and Judah are enjoying time with some of their village friends.  I continue to grade papers of the students who are in the village and try to keep in contact on email, WhatApp or text whichever they prefer to use.  If you had told me 18 years ago that I would be able to use technology to teach students in the village I wonder what my reaction would have been?   

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