Exciting Times Jan-2024

Jan 17 2024
new try

We are midway through January now and we are looking forward to some exciting times here in Samban.  Another school year has begun at Ap Ma FODE RSC, and Samban Central Elementary will soon begin their new school year as well.  

"Project: Possible" is a fairly new initiative for OIPNG.  We will speak in more detail about it soon. In short we have expanded the amount of goods we purchase for our trade store and made whole sale goods available for purchase for those who partner with us.  This means we don't have to pay wages to provide items for sale in neighboring villages.  It helps put these small businesses into the hands of local men and women who can run them as small family stores.  Pictured below is Asunta, who many of you may remember from stories we told when speaking differently places.  She was once a literacy student of mine.  She came back to finish her schooling and completed her grade 8 with us at Ap Ma FODE.  In addition to her own academic endeavors she started a literacy program for her own church and community in Painiten.  Now, she is once again putting her learning to good use and has opened a small trade store with Project:  Possible.  She is pictured below working on her bookkeeping skills.  

The clinic is seeing a steady stream of patients and thanks to the short term assistance of Jacklyn (a temp nurse) we have been able to keep up the quality of care we were accustomed to before Wona went on Maternity Leave.  The clinic is also looking forward to welcoming Savanna Barth a short term assistant from the USA who will arrive later this month. She will be assisting in our clinic for the next couple of months. 

Another fun event to look forward to, we have been given the opportunity to host a new missionary family, with Samaratin Aviation who is eager to learn more Melanesian Pidgin and get a better understanding of what life in a village is like.  

As always Jesse has different things happening in every corner of the work.  He recently spent several days working on installing lights and fans in the elementary school and will soon turn his attention to wrapping up some trim and cupboards that are missing from the expansion ward at the clinic.  He has also been teaching some of my FODE students how to drive the tractor and mow the airstrip.  The boys are both doing well in school.  Judah and his guitar continue to be inseparable he practices three and often more hours a day.  He will wrap-up grade 12 this May and Israel is midway through grade 1.  Sundays have a different look for us this year as we have started an adult Sunday school at 1pm and a staff and student Bible study at 7:30pm.  We hope you are off to a great start in 2024 and that the Lord blesses you with work that you can do to bring Him honor.  

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