Joshua Apa

Sep 20 2007
Just thought I'd update everybody on Joshua Apa. We went to his appointment at the Dr.'s this morning. He has gained 5.5 kilograms in this last week. PTL The Dr. made the comment that the antibiotics must have worked because there is no way that he could have gained that much and be sick. So that was exciting. He did give him another week of the medication, but said that should be all he needs. I booked their passage on a ship from Madang to Wewak, and just dropped Joshua and Edward off a few minutes ago. I'll check on them after the radio time to see that they did get off ok. So he is definitly doing tons better. Thanks to all of those who have kept him in your prayers. While he isn't totally better he is still well on the road to complete recovery. Dr. Mackeral did mention that I needed to keep a few courses of the particular antibiotics on hand and that he still wanted to see Joshua's earlier chest xrays. He did give the ok for him to head back to the village. I have made my plans to head back towards Samban on Friday, via Wewak on Air Nuigini and then on to Angoram on the PMV, and then on the canoe back to Samban. So pray for safety for Joshua and Edward and myself during our travels. Jesse

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