World TB Day & Classroom Opening Preparations

Mar 24 2023

March 24th was World TB Day.  Our small clinic in Samban sees large numbers of TB patients each month.  Our staff can do the necessary microscopy to test the sputum of patients they believe to have TB. We are so thankful for the East Sepik Provincial Health Department and their assistance in providing these much needed medicines and working with us despite the small size of our operation and our remote location.  TB detection and treatment is a major part of our practice and helping to teach about spotting the early signs and symptoms is vital to early detection and treatment.  The Samban Central Elementary School, and Ap Ma FODE students all attended the awareness chat on Friday and we are hoping that by the time these little ones become adults TB will no longer be the major problem it is now.  

In other news our FODE classroom will be officially opened on April 19th.  Preparations are underway for the ribbon cutting and students are working hard to make the place look nice and last bits of trim are being made and installed to complete the project.  We want to thank Native Vanilla for their assistance in this project!

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