Ap Ma Schools July 2011

Jul 16 2011

Ap Ma Schools


As more and more teachers from different villages come to receive training and materials in the courses we offer our mid term field day (Kite Day) has grown to include all Ap Ma elementary schools.  This year we were pleased to host Kambuku Elementary, Simbri, Elementary, Yamen Elementary as well as our own Samban Central Elementary Schools.  The mid year event included a display of traditional Sing sings (dances), carnival games and prizes a kite flying contest and village market fundraising for the schools.  Though rain fell heavy the night before the festivities the children were so excited as they danced and sang, ate and played.  We ask that you would keep these first year schools and their teachers in your prayers as they struggle to bring education to this remote area.




OIPNG Scholarship Opportunities


For the past 3 years OIPNG has offered a scholarship for Christian students who have completed grade 8 studies or higher and are in need of financial assistance.  The first recipient of this scholarship has returned to the village to teach in the primary school and is doing well.  There are 3 others scholarship recipients currently enrolled in schools across PNG.  In addition to these students we are also planning to extend our scholarship funds to cover certification courses for our elementary teachers.  Below is the personal information for our 3 scholarship applicants and teachers seeking assistance.  If you would like to support them in their efforts please include their names with your donation and a return address so that we can let them know who to thank. 


Former Recipient                  Current Position


Clementine Sau                         Grade 3 Teacher Samban




Current Recipients                                Degree Program


Alex Kamba                              Raihu Training School– Community Health Worker


Jeff Norman                              St. Gerard School-  Community Health Worker


Jon Kanja                                  Gandep Bible School-  Pastor




Teachers Preparing for Certification Course


Jeffery Brimbi– Samban Central Elementary Grade 2


Hubert Yangum– Samban Central Elementary  Kindergarten


Bill Mukok-  Samban Central Elementary Kindergarten




Pryor Plans


Half way through the year and already we are thinking toward 2012 and our trip home.  We plan to leave PNG in the month of May for our furlough in the US.  This term began back in 2008 and we still have much to do before we leave, but already we are looking forward to seeing friends and family and meeting new nieces, nephews and cousins born in our absence.  We look forward to visiting with all our supporting churches and sharing with them all God is doing here in PNG.  We ask that you keep our family in your prayers as we prepare to transition back into western culture. 


Naleh– Will be celebrating her 11th birthday this Aug.  She is a good student and shrewd business woman.  Her marketing skills have enabled her to purchase her own small computer.  She is looking forward to visiting with her new cousins. 


Elijah-- Will be celebrating his 9th birthday this Sept.  He is quickly catching up to Naleh with a small business venture of his own.  Elijah can’t wait to get to America where it is cold.


Judah-  Will be 6 in December.  He is just starting Kindergarten and he doesn’t remember America but according to big brother and sister there are slushies and ice cream everyday and stores that have Dr. Pepper and apples all the time so he is pretty excited to go and see this sight. 


Other Entries