September Updates

Sep 15 2008
Dear family and friends, We are just finishing packing up the last of our stuff here in Madang to send to Samban. It seems so long since we have been at home, in one place for more than 6 weeks. It has really only been 6 months but that is long enough. Getting back into the groove of things here didn't take too long but as is the case in this deteriorating world we live in there have been a few things that have broken down in our absence and even since we have been back. Our car is in the shop, our computer gave up the ghost, and our HF radio is in the shop as well. These may seem like pretty important items but before we left for the US we had purchased an old truck from some friends here for a nominal fee. We had intended to use it in Angoram for hauling loads to Wewak but it has hauled us around now for two weeks. And while our computer did die, we were able to retrieve all the files from the hard drive and found a great deal on a new Toshiba computer here in PNG for less that we could have bought it in the states and this one still has XP not Vista!!!!! And as for the radio, we will still be ok in the village because we have a prepaid satellite phone a very thoughtful church purchased for us some years back!! So the Lord provides and is faithful. As I was taking an evening walk with a friend here in Madang last night and swapping stories, I was sharing about how God has been so good to us especially in our recent visit to the US. I was thinking that in some ways it is scary, because from those who are given much, much is expected! Then wouldn't you know it I looked down and saw on the ground in front of me a 50 Kina note. Big money here (about 18 dollars). I looked up and down the road the only person we saw was more than 100 yds off but we waited until he came closer and asked if he has lost some money. He laughingly said, "only about 1/2 million my ex-wife took from me!!" I said when I find that I would be sure to let him know. So I picked up the cash and walked on. I still have it in my wallet. Jesse asked me what I was going to do with it. And I haven't decided. I have some thought just to leave it there to remind me of God's continual provision. I am sure the time will come when I will have the opportunity to bless someone else as I have been blessed. I was going to save this update until I could report on how things are in the village but as we will not have email for sometime out there. Please pray that our radio can be fixed soon so that we can get it out to the village. (The radio is how we send email.) I just wanted to let you all know that we are well and anxious to get back home tomorrow. We will have with us a friend from PBT (Pioneer Bible Translators), William Butler, who is going to work on some things with Maso, the village translator; please continue in your prayers for safety in travel for all! Sidenote: We tried to have another radio sent down to use until ours is fixed, but thanks to scheduling changes by the local airline it will not get here in time. So if you don't hear from us, it's not that we don't like you, just can't send email via coconut shell satellite. More later. . Jesse and Karie Pryor-eventually.....

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