The Traveling Circus

Jun 25 2008
Well three months in to our furlough you will find us in North Carolina. We have made it through 8 states and 15 churches. We have visited with family and friends and gotten to meet a whole lot of new friends through our times in VBS with 3 congregations. We have survived the floods in Indiana and the tornados in Oklahoma. The kids have been to zoo's, and Dollywood and Sixflags, and fireworks and museums. ARE WE THERE YET???? Well almost. We leave the US on Aug 25th to head back to PNG. The kids are anxious to get back to friends and home (probably in that order) And we are anxious to get back to doing the work we have been telling you all about at all of our stops. For those of you we haven't seen yet we are going to be in IN for the month of Aug. 3rd Rocklane Christian Church, Greenwood, IN Aug 9, 10 Greenwood Christian Church, Greenwood,IN Aug 17th Liberty Christian Church Martinsville, IN For those of you who have hosted us in your homes, and taken us to dinner and made us feel welcome in your church THANK YOU!!

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