Education & Literacy

OIPNG’s efforts in education and literacy started small in 2004. We offered short courses for Sunday school teachers helping them to write good Bible lessons and teaching them to integrate solid literacy skills into their teaching. We also did some adult literacy work focusing on Ap Ma language reading and fluency.

In 2007 we offered our first TPPS (Tok Ples Prep School aka preschool) survey course to begin identifying and training potential teachers. In a series of annual training sessions that followed OIPNG has trained more than 25 Preschool/Elementary teachers. The new Samban Central Elementary School began offering Kindergarten and first grade classes in 2008. By 2009 we were able to expand and offer grade two. Finally we completed the registration process with the national government and officially “open” the school.

Since 2009 Samban Central Elementary School has promoted 246 second grade student’s literate in both Ap Ma (the local language) and English.

Satellite schools have also been established in four nearby villages with varying degrees of success. In 2013-2014 we hope to expand training opportunities and work to help the Ap Ma schools improve not only in educational services but school management as well.

Anticipated Educational Projects


A. *Assist Maso in finishing his work- By releasing him from his obligations to maintain the tractor and airstrip and assisting him financially to care for his family he has more time to spend on the translation. We also try to help him by typing his finished drafts.

B. Creating other literacy materials Children's books etc.- We hope to eventually create a preschool curriculum for the Ap Ma tok ples complete with local stories and small books.

* This was not in our initial plans, however, due to circumstances beyond our control we feel this is now a necessary part of our ministry.