Still Moving Forward

Jul 17 2023

It July and it is hot!  Who are we kidding we live in the tropical rain forest and it is hot nearly every day.  Seems like the heat makes it so easy to get lazy and seek out that perfect spot under the fan with a cold glass of lemonade.  But, despite the heat there are things to do and deadlines to meet.  In August we will officially open our second new classroom this year for Ap Ma FODE RSC.  Jesse has been spending a ton of time and energy making this classroom extra special.  From a small kitchenette to a couple of indoor bathrooms and a whole wall of counter top dedicated to sewing, this classroom is certainly unique here in PNG.  From all my educational studies and my 16+ years of homeschooling I have some different ideas about what an ideal classroom should look like.  In brief, I think it should look and feel like home!  This room is partly sponsored by Digicel Foundation and it is geared towards Business Studies and Entrepreneurship.  My favorite part of teaching is when the teaching of the classroom directly impacts daily life.  Cooking, sewing, Bible, Music, Art, Agriculture, math that informs business decisions and helps us to make wise choices, computer skills that help us communicate better with each other.  The foundation room will be the hearthstone of our school.  The place we gather, eat, learn and share.  Thank you all for being a part of this endeavor and this school.  God has truly blessed us with work and we look forward to completing the next step in the journey.

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