2022 National Exams

Oct 28 2022
Tamau Testing

Ap Ma FODE RSC has been holding national exams since 2016.  Our school is a small school but are students are always excited when testing time comes each October.  National exams enable students in grades 8, 10, and 12 to test with students nationwide and receive certificates issued by the National Department of Education.  These scores and certificates determine school selection for the upcoming year.  While any passing student can continue their education in a FODE school, exams offer students the chance to rejoin main stream schools that are reserved for the best and brightest in the country.  Universities here are largely filled with selection students, though a few seats each year are reserved for “self-sponsored” students.  Self-sponsored positions are very expensive and difficult to obtain.  Testing well is extremely important for gaining access into universities and training centers. 

For the past two weeks I have been out in the village with the students as they have completed their assignments and taken their exams.  Next month grades 7, 9 and 11 will also have their final exams.  Students continue to study daily, preparing for the coming tests.  Next week I will be writing a bit more about some very special students.  I'll share about their struggles, their aspirations and the ways they have persisted in their studies.  

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