Scholarship Program

Lack of qualified personnel has sometimes been an issue for us. Although the church, clinic and school have always done all they can to provide for the needs of the people, we are becoming more increasingly aware that we needed help. The scholarship program we introduced developed from the idea, that while we had several individuals who were qualified to go to other training, finances were the only barrier keeping them from continuing on in their education.

In order be eligible for the OIPNG Scholarship program there is an application and interview process that must be complete, as well as a work agreement form. We ask that for as many years as they are given the scholarship, they will return and work for us for that many years, as a paid employee. So we are selecting the best of the best, and they are returning to work with us. Should they choose to move on after that point, that is up to them. However, right now we are seeing 66% retention of employees after their commitment is finished.

We are limited in the amount of scholarships we can provide due to finances. Should you like to be involved in this vital piece of our ministry, please feel free to contact us.